“Sick of Myself”
“Not When I Need It”
“We’re the Same”
“Giving It Back”
“Everything Changes”
“Lost My Mind”
“Come to Love”
“Walk Out”
“I Almost Forgot”
“Super Baby”
“Get Older”
“Smog Moon”

3 thoughts on “100% Fun

  1. This album and Altered Beast taught me so much about recording and playing music in general! Thank you for providing me with decades of happiness

  2. This album not only introduced me to Matthew Sweet whilst in high school, but changed my outlook on rock in general. Yeah, I was up to my elbows in flannel and grunge at that point, but this brought a bright light to my world when things were pretty dim in my formative, teen-angst years. A brilliant album and beautiful guitar licks. I still rock this album today, and my kids love it. Amazing, and thank you.

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