Track Listing

“Dinosaur Act”
“Devil With the Green Eyes”
“The Ugly Truth”
“Time Capsule”
“Someone to Pull the Trigger”
“Knowing People”
“Life Without You”
“Intro” (excerpt from the movie “Caligula”)
“Ugly Truth Rock”
“Do It Again”
“In Too Deep”
“Reaching Out”
“What Do You Know?”

One thought on “Altered Beast

  1. At some point in the 90’s, I was handed a copy of Matthew Sweet’s “Altered Beast” at, of all places, a golf course. A promo copy, shrink-wrapped, like a litte birthday present. Complete with a sticker that read, “For Promotional Purposes Only — Not for Resale!”.

    I had heard Sweet’s name associated with “Girlfriend”, although I was not familiar with that song. Anyway, I pushed “Altered Beast” into my car audio system, and although the car has changed many, many times since that day, “Altered Beast” is still in my current car’s deck, although now it’s a CD (my original copy was a cassette tape).

    Fave track? Probably the comic clip from “Caligula”, followed by “Ugly Truth (Rock)”. Take your pick, though, many good songs on that disc.

    Cheers, Syd! I tried to catch your 2010 30A Songwriters Show in Florida, but the MF’er was sold out!

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