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Son of Altered Beast EP

“Devil With the Green Eyes” [Remix] “Superdeformed” [Live] “Someone to Pull the Trigger” [Live] “Knowing People” [Live] “I Wanted to Tell You” [Live] “Don’t Cry No Tears” [Live] (Neil Young) “Ultrasuede” [Studio Outtake] Read more →

Altered Beast

Track Listing “Dinosaur Act” “Devil With the Green Eyes” “The Ugly Truth” “Time Capsule” “Someone to Pull the Trigger” “Knowing People” “Life Without You” “Intro” (excerpt from the movie “Caligula”) “Ugly Truth Rock” “Do It Again” “In Too Deep” “Reaching Out” “Falling” “What Do You Know?” “Evergreen” Read more →


Track Listing “Divine Intervention” “I’ve Been Waiting” “Girlfriend” “Looking at the Sun” “Winona” “Evangeline” “Day for Night” “Thought I Knew You” “You Don’t Love Me” “I Wanted to Tell You” “Don’t Go” “Your Sweet Voice” “Does She Talk?” “Holy War” “Nothing Lasts” Read more →


Track Listing “Easy” “When I Feel Again” “Wind and the Sun” “Children of Time (Forever)” “Love” (Sweet, Fred Maher) “Vertigo” (Sweet, Fred Maher) “Underground” “The Alcohol Talking” (Sweet, Fred Maher) “Vixen” “How Cool” “Having a Bad Dream” Read more →


Track Listing “Quiet Her” “Blue Fools” “We Lose Another Day” (Sweet, Pal Shazar) “Catch Your Breath” “Half Asleep” “This Above All” “Save Time for Me” (Sweet, Jules Shear) “By Herself” (Sweet, Adele Bertei) “Brotherhood” (Sweet, Pal Shazar) “Love I Trusted” “Watch You Walking” (Sweet, Pal Shazar) Read more →