Matthew recently appeared on the Radio Titans podcast with host Carl Kozlowski, who proclaims the interview as “one of his best interviews in his almost 20-year career.”

One of my two favorite rock songwriters of all time is Matthew Sweet (the other is Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum). Ever since his CD “Girlfriend” blew my mind back in ’92, I’ve been a fan of nearly every thing he’s done. Even as Sweet has been criminally underappreciated by the masses throughout his career, he is more than deserving of a career-retrospective interview, and that’s what he gets here.

If you love rock music and want to know how one of the best ever works his magic, tune in…

2 thoughts on “Interview: Radio Titans podcast

  1. I’ve seen Matthew 5 times in multiple places, including London @ whatever green(totallaly by acccident) and he always sounds great and has a talented lead player with him.

  2. I’ve been a big Sweet fan since I first heard him on ‘if I were a carpenter’ in Hobart, Tasmania during my uni years in the 90’s… Saw The Thorns play live in Sydney in the early 2000’s… Now with three kids back in Tasmania I’m catching up on the last few years. Hey Matthew, come play at MONA Foma in Tasmania PLEASE!! 🙂

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