Hello All,

Update has finally arrived!:)

Here’s where I’m at:

Demos: I have at least an album’s worth of demos, but some songs won’t have them, just due to the timeline of things. Other album outtakes will be included with the demos, as I will be recording around thirty songs from which to pull the album. At this point, anything new I write will go straight to recording stage, as obviously I am running late…

Album: This is the rock (so to speak), or should I say the foundation, on which our project is built, so I am devoting all my energy to it right now. I am so happy to announce that Ric Menck and Paul Chastain were here at the studio a couple of weeks ago, and we recorded our first fifteen basic tracks with guitar and drums. Paul helped engineer, so I could be in a small cold stone pantry from the 30s (when our house was built), where I could play and guide sing without leakage from drums. Ric took pics, and I also have pics and some video of the studio that I just need to edit and post. I am expecting to record one more batch of fifteen songs, at which point I can start putting together an order and getting a feel for what the album is. Most likely we will do this final recording in late May or Early June. We will do a few dates in July but otherwise I now hope to finish singing and overdubbing by Sept realistically. I know it is quite typical for Kickstarter projects to run late. When you run a campaign, you have to pick a date to shoot for, and I’d really hoped to make it. But it has to be better that I make the best album I can and take a little longer than to rush something out. Thanks for being understanding during this critical time!:)

Rewards: The rewards will all follow the album, but I am working on them part time. Please be patient on those while I’m still recording. People who bought songs, 3d art, 420-ers, etc, hang in there. No skype calls have been made yet, but I have just discussed this with my management office and we are planning to start contacting people and scheduling them in mid-May. They will probably have to be done bit by bit over the summer, but we won’t miss anyone, so please don’t worry!

More soon, I hope you all are having a great year so far. I have to admit I’m really excited to be recording the actual album, and the tracks we’ve done sound and feel great to me. I have just about finished the first two songs from this batch, they are titled “Off the Farm” and “Pretty Please.” Working title is Tomorrow Forever.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and patience!


(but Siri calls me Dark Lord)

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter update #24

  1. Thanks for the update; looking forward to “Tomorrow Forever!” I sent a note through your management a few months back after I went through the R&R Hall of Fame in Cleveland…you’ve got some lyric sheets next to Connor’s shirt/coat in the Midwest R&R Hall section, and you’re represented in the CD’s in the Hall’s massive store. Enjoyed you at the “Hear Omaha” gig. Take care, Dark Lord….from one of your Omaha neighbors.

  2. I’m a huge a fan of yours and also of Velvet Crush; it’s cool Paul and Ric are back to help out. I missed the Kickstarter thing and only found about the new album a couple months ago. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t contribute to Kickstarter.

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