“Dead Smile”
“Morning Song”
“The Ocean In-Between”
“I Love You”
“I Don’t Want to Know”
“Love is Gone”
“Hear This”
“Tonight We Ride”
“Through Your Eyes”

2 thoughts on “Kimi Ga Suki

  1. Big Matthew Sweet Fan. Got to see him on my birthday last year in Ann Arbor Michigan at the blind pig. great birthday present. Cannot find this cd “Kimi Ga Suki” and am wondering if it is still in print, where I might be able to purchase it, and how much. Thanks a bunch!

  2. As a big fan or the Under Covers series, I only recently began obtaining all of Matthew’s albums. I just received the terrific Kimi Ga Suki*Raifu album! A liner note referred me to this site to see the lyrics, but there are none as far as I can see.
    I was hoping this site would be more fan friendly — more comprehensive content, and possibly a forum for fans to interact and sweet tweet.

    Still, it’s been a fun journey discovering all the albums — a body of work I was inexplicably blind to when they were first released. Looking forward to a new album. This time I’ll be aware and ready for it! I’m a serious follower now.

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