Matthew Sweet makes a serious new solo studio album. Sweet’s 3D bronze cats will be offered, among other home printed art pieces.

I’m going to make a new album, hopefully with support from you! I’m going to write all new songs and make demos for the album, focusing on a strong clear delivery, energetic and heartfelt from rock to melancholy and back again. I’m planning to record in Omaha with my longtime band members and special guests coming out to play. My plan is to start writing soon after this campaign ends, be recording in the fall, and complete the project before Spring 2015.

5 thoughts on “Matthew Sweet New Studio Album and 3D Art Project

  1. This is great news, Matthew! I can’t wait to hear it. Which campaign are you referring to? Is it a fundraiser for the album? If so, I will be happy to contribute.

  2. This sounds ominously exciting! Used to love not only getting matthews albums but also his b-sides and demoes. It was like getting another ep!

  3. Matthew, I can’t wait to hear your new demos… Me and a bunch of rock-n-roll idiots will be waiting for you at your show in Boston on 7/19. Boston loves you Matthew. ROCK IT!!!!

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