Interview: Radio Titans podcast

Matthew recently appeared on the Radio Titans podcast with host Carl Kozlowski, who proclaims the interview as “one of his best interviews in his almost 20-year career.” One of my two favorite rock songwriters of all time is Matthew Sweet (the other is Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum). Ever since his CD “Girlfriend” blew my mind back in ’92, I’ve been… Read more →

Interview: Cleveland Scene

In a recent interview with the Cleveland Scene website, Matthew talks about the pressures of making a record, moving back to Nebraska and its influence on his music, including his 2014 Kickstarter project. He will be at the Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland, OH on July 15. For tickets, visit Click here to read the interview. Read more →

Interview: Modern Vinyl blog

Call them what you want: records, vinyl, LPs. Recently, Matthew had a conversation with Jim Hanke at the Modern Vinyl blog about record stores, album covers, consulting on “Big Eyes” and more. Read all about it here: Read more →

Interview: Pop Culture Club Podcast

Matthew recently had a chat with James Laczkowski, host of the Pop Culture Club podcast.  They spoke about a number of things including what it’s like to hang out with Brian Wilson, the early days of MTV and record labels, and what the future holds. There’s plenty to talk about in regards to his extensive catalog,  but the conversation focuses around… Read more →

ICYMI: Stereogum’s ‘Hear This’ section talks about “Sick of Myself”

Stereogum Copy Editor, Gwen Ihnat, takes a look back at 1995’s release, 100% Fun.

… the smitten Sweet of Girlfriend had met a “Devil With The Green Eyes” on Beast, so one-half of 100% Fun’s title turned out to be ironic: the fun part. The other half turned everything up to 11, aided by Brendan O’Brien’s bombastic production.

The album finds Sweet’s riveting juxtaposition in full force, as 100% Fun kicked off with the jaunt-that-belies-the-title “Sick Of Myself.” The song tells the story of the lovelorn Sweet (“I’m sick of myself when I look at you / Something as beautiful and true”) alongside a hook that will not be denied.

Read the article in it’s entirety.