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To Understand: The Early Recordings

“Southern” (The Buzz of Delight) “Christmas” (The Buzz of Delight) “Briar Rose” (The Buzz of Delight) “The Story of Love” (The Buzz of Delight) “Ninety-Six Sheets” (The Buzz of Delight) “Quiet Her” “Blue Fools” “We Lose Another Day” “Save Time for Me” “Something Becomes Nothing” (The Golden Palominos) “Easy” “When I Feel Again” (Single Remix) “Wind and the Sun” “Love”… Read more →


Track Listing “Quiet Her” “Blue Fools” “We Lose Another Day” (Sweet, Pal Shazar) “Catch Your Breath” “Half Asleep” “This Above All” “Save Time for Me” (Sweet, Jules Shear) “By Herself” (Sweet, Adele Bertei) “Brotherhood” (Sweet, Pal Shazar) “Love I Trusted” “Watch You Walking” (Sweet, Pal Shazar) Read more →