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Interview: Cleveland Scene

In a recent interview with the Cleveland Scene website, Matthew talks about the pressures of making a record, moving back to Nebraska and its influence on his music, including his 2014 Kickstarter project. He will be at the Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland, OH on July 15. For tickets, visitĀ www.musicboxcle.com Click here to read the interview. Read more →

Kickstarter update #24

Hello All, Update has finally arrived!:) Here’s where I’m at: Demos: I have at least an album’s worth of demos, but some songs won’t have them, just due to the timeline of things. Other album outtakes will be included with the demos, as I will be recording around thirty songs from which to pull the album. At this point, anything… Read more →

Matthew Sweet New Studio Album and 3D Art Project

Matthew Sweet makes a serious new solo studio album. Sweet’s 3D bronze cats will be offered, among other home printed art pieces. I’m going to make a new album, hopefully with support from you! I’m going to write all new songs and make demos for the album, focusing on a strong clear delivery, energetic and heartfelt from rock to melancholy… Read more →