“Southern” (The Buzz of Delight)
“Christmas” (The Buzz of Delight)
“Briar Rose” (The Buzz of Delight)
“The Story of Love” (The Buzz of Delight)
“Ninety-Six Sheets” (The Buzz of Delight)
“Quiet Her”
“Blue Fools”
“We Lose Another Day”
“Save Time for Me”
“Something Becomes Nothing” (The Golden Palominos)
“When I Feel Again” (Single Remix)
“Wind and the Sun”
“Having a Bad Dream”
“To Understand” (12 Inch B-Side/Demo)
“You Gotta Love Me” (12 Inch B-Side/Demo)
“Silent City” (12 Inch B-Side/Demo)
“Divine Intervention” (12 Inch B-Side/Demo)
“Good Friend” (Demo)
Tainted Obligation (Demo) (Community Trolls)

One thought on “To Understand: The Early Recordings

  1. A great collection of songs from his first 2 albums, plus some recorded before the 1st and a few demos released after the 2nd. I think the songs sound better than on the original releases, definitely a case of quality remastering. He never plays any of these live, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth hearing; these may have that 80’s productions sheen to them but songs like Vertigo and Save Time For Me rank with his best songs.

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